Our Philosophy

Our philosophy team

SPSSwizard focusses on the development of people. We are convinced that when you encounter a problem in SPSS or statisctics this is not because you can't do it but because it has never been properly explained to you. Because of our extensive experience with students with varies majors we know how to explain a variety of topics and problems to a variety of different people. We take the time to explain SPSS and Statististics in a way that you can understand and to make sure you know why and how to perform different analyses and everything you need to know.

This means were not just telling you what to do or do the math for you. We will explain it in a way so that you yourself can pass that exam or perform the proper analyses and it is up to you to use that knowledge. We will provide constructive feedback en will give elaborate explanations about your curriculum, we will ask the right questions to make you think and understand everything you need to know. It is up to you how you incorporate our comments and explanations into your data analyses or assignments, this way your projects and achievements will remain yours.

What is typical about SPSSwizard is the informal setting. We strive to create an environment where you are comfortable to ask all the questions you can't ask at school, college or university. Even in the café at the ground floor of our office it is possible to work on your own and you can always pop up to ask a question to one of our experienced consultants. You can always come by at our office on Maassluisstraat 2 in Amsterdam or visit our new office in Utrecht. Drop by and ask for help any time you feel your stuck in your studies or analyses.

Because students on different universities or colleges often have specific conditions we always adjust our way of working to your needs. This way we are able to help all students no mather which level or what topic or major you are studying.

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